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About us

So what are we all about?

We'd like to think our brand and web domain says it all, but here's the slightly longer version...

Essentially, brings together a curated range of practical and fun cycling-related products, all based on the fundamental spirit of why we ride our bikes and dedicated to spreading that feeling, both on and off the saddle. We like to think of it as 'Cool Stuff for Cyclists' and we hope you'll discover some fab things here for the bicycle rider in your life, or maybe just for yourself. 

Actually, it is all about the bike

Whatever age you are and whatever type of riding you do, you’ll almost certainly have spoken or thought our brand slogan “I love riding my bike” at one time or another, probably coupled with a big grin!

From wobbly first rides as a child, to adult escapism, targeted fitness or daily transport. Here’s the essence of what our brand says for us and hopefully for you too...

  • It’s what we think and feel, every time we grip the bars and push on the pedals.  

  • It’s that childlike exhilaration of propelling ourselves forwards at a speed greater than we can walk or run. 

  • It’s the sense of freedom, independence and ultimately, fun.

  • It's the pure joy of a muscle-powered machine that's as simple and efficient as it gets.

  • For most of us there’s nothing quite as uncomplicated and accessible as riding a bike.

These are some of the reasons why we never stop loving it. 

So whoever you are and whatever type of cycling you or your loved ones do, is the website and brand that tells the world how you feel about getting out for a ride on your favourite bicycle(s) and the grin factor it gives us all.

Of course, those are the emotional values, but the real-world benefits are just as well known; It’s simple, economical and the most efficient form of transport man has ever imagined.  It’s low maintenance, low impact, convenient and accessible to most of us. It can boost our health and help us connect with others, or it can just be the best way to create our own space. It can take us to work, to the countryside, to the shops, or all the way around the world.  

It’s a bicycle.  And, despite some great innovations and incredible lightweight modern materials and technologies, it hasn’t really changed much in over 130 years.

Talk about getting it right first time!